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Welcome To Things To Do In Cornwall

Our local online business directory is here to help you find places to eat, kids fun, classes, entertainment, services, shops and lots other things to do in Cornwall. Browse through our many categories or use the search bar to find ideal businesses for what you need. If you’re a business owner then you can add your company to our directory by using our add your business page. You are able to add it for free to Things To Do In Cornwall but it won’t receive the amazing benefits that our paid listings bring. Another great benefit that we offer is the free to use add your event page and the add your vacancy page. These two pages allow you to add any job vacancies you have or any events that you have coming up that you want a bit of extra exposure for completely free of charge. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to speak with us about anything else. If you want to see what events we have listed then visit the events page. And if you want to see which vacancies are available then just visit the vacancy page. Check out our other business directories across the UK and the rest of the world.

About Cornwall

Cornwall is a county located in the South West of England. It’s famous for it’s paradise like beaches equipped with crystal clear water. They have 433 miles of coastline with 300 beaches! You might also recognise the name from staples to the British food scene such as Cornish pasties or Cornish cream tea. With the beaches being so amazing, it attracts flocks of tourists every year. Cornwall is know as the surfing capital of the UK. Some say it’s England’s answer to California. You must have had an afternoon tea somewhere which was complimented by some delicious Cornish cream on some scones. If you haven’t then you are missing out. There couldn’t be a better place to try them though than where they started. If you are thinking about visiting then you should take yourself up on the opportunity. 

Cornwall has it’s own language. This language is known locally as Kernowek. This language almost died out in the 18th century but recent findings have seen it experience a revival. It’s been classed as no longer extinct and is believed to be spoken by around 10,000 people.

Being well known for it’s patriotism and national pride. Cornwall really shows it on the 5th of March which is their Saint Piran’s Day. He is on the the patron saints of Cornwall and also of tin miners. After being thrown in the sea with a millstone tied around his neck Piran miraculously washed up on Perran Beach. After this, he built a chapel and re-discovered tin smelting and this is why he is known as the Saint of Cornwall and tin mining. Celebrations include parades, days off school in some cases and flying the Saint Piran’s flag. You can see this flag throughout the year around the county. So if you want some fun things to do in Cornwall then a trip around the 5th of March is always a great idea.

When looking for things to do in Cornwall. Don’t forget that the marine life here is plenty and you can find a huge variety of creatures in the ocean and along the shore. Find everything from dolphins, seals, sunfish, sharks and you might see the odd Whale shark swim by. Get your snorkel and head down to the beach to see what you can find amongst the corals, sponges and rock pools. For the real adventurers, you can opt for a scuba diving sessions where you can really explore and get close to the marine life.

What To Do In Cornwall

Cornwall is home to some great days out for adults and kids alike. There’s plenty here to do that involve getting out and getting some exercise in too. Hikers absolutely love Cornwall with some great trails that cover all kinds of terrain and some unreal views. To that note, it’s also ideal for cyclists to get out on the roads or off road across the same terrain. With fresh air blowing in from the Atlantic, it’s the ideal place for your outdoor activity. Of course you can head down to the beach for some high octane surfing. Cornwall is famous for it’s beautiful beaches which keep the perfect waves coming. In the Summer you will see surfers along the shore all day long. If you are new to the sport then there are many places where you can hire a board and get some surfing lessons. Check out our sports category here on Things To Do In Cornwall to see what we have listed.

Visiting with the kids? That’s great, there are many things to do in Cornwall which are perfect with the kids. Find theme parks and fun fairs with lots of great rides and amusements. Discover thrills and push past your limits. Being somewhat of a tropical paradise at times, of course you are going to find some water parks here with slides, log flumes and inflatable slides. Try one of the high ropes courses as you test your balance in the tree tops. There are a selection of soft play areas and other activities to take part in too.

Do you love animals as much as we do? With numerous zoo’s scattered across the county, it can be hard to choose. The Newquay Zoo is a great place to start and then you could head over the the Porfell Wildlife Park. Find beautiful animals from across the whole world. See how they are looked after and housed safely. You may even get to feed some of your favourite animals. Apart from the zoo’s, you will also find some establishments which put all their effort into preserving the local wildlife of Cornwall. Take a visit to the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre or the Screech Owl Sanctuary to see how they carry out their jobs. Other things you can take part in include golf and crazy golf, trampoline parks, wall climbing, museums and much more. Find many more things to do in Cornwall by looking through our business directory.

Places To Visit In Cornwall

With Cornwall being a county it can be hard to get around to it all in one trip. You may want to start with the cities where the most is happening and then adventure to the surrounding areas when you get the chance. Places like Newquay, St Ives, Falmouth and Bude are all cities within Cornwall. There are many touring companies in Cornwall which would be happy to show you around. They can give you the local insight which you wouldn’t have if you was on your own as well.

Other points of interest in the county of Cornwall include some of these. Pendennis Castle which is one of Henry VIII’s finest coastal fortresses. This castle has defended Cornwall against invaders since the Tudor times. Next is Tintagel Castle which is associated with King Arthur and Merlin the magician. It’s a 13th century castle which sits on an Atlantic coast but due to it’s age has crumbled from it’s once former glory. You are able to see a 3D model which shows it’s changes over the ages though. Next up is Truro Cathedral which was built by the Victorians around 120 years ago. This cathedral was built on the site of St Marys church which some of was incorporated into the new cathedral. If strolling through beautiful gardens is something you would be interested in then may we suggest Lanhydrock House and Garden. This 19th century high-Victorian country house is known as one of the most fascinating in all of England. Here you can experience Colourful gardens, riverside walks and family friendly cycle trails.

King Arthur is a story that has been woven into the English history books and is still very popular to this day. Many tourists come from all over the UK and even the world to see King Arthurs statue in Tintagel. It’s 8 foot tall and completely made of bronze. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that you can visit King Arthur’s Great Halls too. Here you can sit on the Throne of King Arthur while you hear his story told by a Merlin voiced character. There are many pieces on display here and the building is something to gaze upon with stained glass windows depicting the shields of the various knights of the round table.

There truly are many Things To Do In Cornwall and our online business directory for the county is here to put them all in one convenient place for you to access.